Incident Reporting Culture

Incident reporting is a necessary component for any job site looking to keep the safety and well-being of all employees intact. Incident reporting helps companies move toward the goal of having little to no accidents happen in their work environment. For this to happen, employees must trust that their company takes safety seriously.

Why Encourage Incident Reporting?

The more reports are recorded, the better chance a company has to identify problems and improve the overall safety of its workplace. In fact, a recent study focusing on the effects of incident reporting suggests that encouraging reporting of errors and incidents can improve safety measures, the performance of employees, and improve their perception of safety.

Here are a handful of ways to encourage incident reporting and avoid major safety hazards.

Be Encouraging from the Start

While incident reporting could make employees feel like someone’s in trouble and consequences are waiting around every corner, it’s actually a positive component of both workplace productivity and safety. No one should be retaliated against or lose their job for letting management know what’s wrong. The more confident employees feel when it comes to providing a report or their feedback, the easier it becomes to speak up on a regular and free basis.

Report with Ease

Incident report forms should be easy to access and use for everyone. No one wants to be discouraged to report an incident because they have to spend time away from work to find a form or fill it out once they have it. Having straightforward, easy to access forms can get the best results.

Anonymous Reporting

One fear that employees gave with reporting incidents is that they might feel like they’re snitching on others. This mindset should be discouraged and can be through anonymous reporting. It may not be ideal for employers as they may not be able to follow up, but it’s better to have an understanding of what is going on than miss important issues.

Follow Up

Speaking of following up, it’s important to make sure issues are addressed quickly. Employers should determine the factor which caused the incident, assess any risks for the future, and come up with a contingency plan. When this course of action is taken, and reporting is taken seriously as a whole, it makes employees feel supported.

Always Listen

Employers should allow their employees to give their own opinion and discuss their major concerns. Employers should work hard to prevent issues from happening again and can do so by listening to every part of a report.

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