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Work-related injuries, illnesses or fatalities can present major issues for businesses of all sizes. Not only are these risks bad for overall morale and productivity, they can end up costing heavy out-of-pocket expenses and present the possibility for higher insurance premiums down the road.

While practicing and creating a culture that prioritizes safety in the workplace is an important business pillar, leaning on the right workers’ comp coverage is even more important. Having adequate coverage offered by a well-rounded team of professionals is vital for companies when it comes to keeping their employees and business safe from major claims.

Buying workers’ compensation coverage is mandatory in most states, but going about purchasing it might seem like a daunting task, especially for smaller businesses. That’s why we at Insure My Work Comp offer up a streamlined, straightforward, and fully supportive experience for those needing to purchase or adjust their current workers’ comp coverage.

Here’s a better look at what makes us stand out:

Well-Rounded Approach

At Insure My Work Comp, we wanted to take the confusion out of the equation when it comes to buying workers’ comp coverage. That’s why we opted to digitize the entire process in order to personalize the coverage you need.

But we don’t just leave it up to our development team to handle your requests. Insure My Work Comp blends technology with the unique touch of one-on-one live support.

Our experienced agents will help you find the best possible coverage options you need and can walk you through every step of the process. Even if it’s just to get a quote, we can offer up multiple coverage options instead of one option you may get from other providers. Whether it’s traditional coverage or specialized coverage, such as pay-as-you go, you’ll find the right level of protection. We want to make sure you see how effective our coverage is for your business from all angles.

No matter what industry you’re in, the size and scope of your operation or where you’re located, just fill out the online quote form and our agents will do all the work for you.

Personalized Coverage

Your business is unique, which means you have your own needs and expectations when it comes to coverage. That’s why we offer workers’ compensation solutions for companies as small as single-person operations to large corporations with multiple hubs throughout the country.

Whether it’s a 9-5 office environment or a high-hazard risk environment, our workers’ comp coverage is personalized to fit your business needs. You get access to experienced agents to find the best product for your business with quick turnaround times.

Our products are supported by A.M. Best “A”-rated, financially strong carriers that offer peace of mind. And with our digital, user-friendly process, you get the benefit of finding the right product from the comfort of your desk so you can get covered and get on with your day-to-day duties.

Partnering Up to Help You Out

Running a business comes with its stresses, its successes, and it’s need for your whole attention. One thing you don’t want to stress about or spend too much of your effort on are HR and compliance issues. That’s why we offer up another business-friendly solution to your needs in these areas.

Insure My Work Comp has partnered up with ThinkHR, an organization that brings together live human resource expertise with online technology in order to deliver dependable and trustworthy HR knowledge solutions that will help and support your company’s goals and daily tasks. With this partnership, we’re able to provide clients with the tools and resources needed to excel in compliance and training while getting the support of live HR experts.

We’ll help you build out and retain a more productive and safe workforce that helps to reduce your employment-related liability and legal risks, will keep you in the know about any labor law changes that may come up (and they will), and will help to foster a work environment that values morale and hard work.

Through this offer, employers have direct access to specialized products and solutions to maintain compliance and transparency in the workplace. From access to hands-on expert advisors to employee training courses, on-demand webinars to the latest checklist and resources, our HR solutions add to the well-rounded and comprehensive products we’re known for.

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